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Allergy Desensitization (Shots/Drops)

Allergy Shots and Drops

Some allergens are simply impossible to avoid. You cannot live a normal life and completely avoid pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and certain other common triggers of allergic reactions. Many allergy sufferers use medications such as antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays to suppress their symptoms, and these medications are very effective in most. For people with very severe symptoms, and those who cannot take allergy medications, shots or drops are an alternative. Another name for allergy shots or drops is immunotherapy or desensitization.

How Do Allergy Shots and Drops Work

Allergies are basically caused by your immune system overreacting to certain things outside the body (called antigens). You come in contact with the antigen (like ragweed), and your body makes an unusual response that can actually harm the body. Allergy shots and drops actually expose you to very small amounts of what it is that you are allergic to. We are trying to retrain your immune system to learn not to overreact. 

Are Allergy Shots/Drops Right For Me?

Shots may be right for you if you have very severe symptoms that interfere with your normal activities even though you are taking appropriate medication. Before prescribing shots or drops, we will need to learn what you are allergic to by doing a series of allergy tests. If we can identify things you are allergic to, then we can start a regimen.

How Often and For How Long Do I Have to Take Them?

Allergy shots take a commitment of once or twice a week injections for at least two years. Drops are taken at home, one drop three times a day for 2 years. Most people see a relief in their symptoms in 6-12 months. 

We offer a full allergy clinic with skin testing, blood (RAST) testing, and allergy shots. We will determine what you are allergic to and then can offer weekly or biweekly shots. 

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