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Welcome to Allergy, Ear, Nose, Throat Associates of Texas

suite201_imgAt Allergy, Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Texas, we recognize that you have a choice when it comes to your preferred ear, nose and throat specialist. That’s why we want you to be as relaxed and informed as possible about our practice. The more you know, the more comfortable we hope you and your family will be with our otolaryngology practice.
This website contains information about our staff, location, services, and more. We believe our website is a good way for you to stay connected to our practice and get the highest quality ear, nose and throat support.
We welcome you to our practice and look forward to helping you and your family preserve a lifetime of good health.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are currently seeing a limited number of patients to adhere to social distancing. Local ordinances require you to wear a mask while visiting the office. 

Allergies causing congestion, pressure, headache, and sinus infections? Click HERE

How we can help

Allergy clinic with Testing, Shots, and Drops


We offer a full service allergy clinic. Do you feel like you have done everything you can yet still have trouble with hay fever, nasal obstruction, and sinusitis? Let us help you determine the best allergy regimen, whether that is a combination of sinus washes, nasal sprays, antihistamines, or if you need, allergy testing and shots or drops.

Pediatric ENT Services


We offer comprehensive pediatric ear, nose, and throat services. Are the kids having a lot of ear or tonsil infections? Constant runny nose and sinus problems? Are there any concerns about hearing loss? 

Snoring & Sleep Apnea


We can look for possible solutions to snoring and sleep apnea. Have you and your partner moved to different rooms? Have you tried CPAP and could not tolerate the mask? 

Hearing Aids


We can help with troubles with your ear whether it is not being able to understand others around you, ear wax buildup, swimmer’s ear, or trouble with pain and infections. We have full service audiologic services including hearing aids.

Surgical Services


If treatment requires, we can offer a full range of Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Texas surgical therapies:

  • Septoplasty for deviated septum causing nasal obstruction
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery including balloon sinuplasty for chronic sinusitis
  • Bilateral myringotomy tubes for recurrent ear infections in kids and adults
  • Coblation tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy for infections or snoring
  • and more

Don't Sleep on it when your health is at stake.

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Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Medical Office 5, 12001 South Freeway
Suite 201, Burleson, TX 76028
Phone: (817) 293 9009